Woorinen Region

To gain an understanding of the region’s horticultural history, one must take the time to tour around the Woorinen district, located just 10 kilometres north west of Swan Hill

This landscape changes dramatically throughout the seasons, and driving through the area in spring, you might be forgiven for thinking you are in the Tuscany, such is the beauty and colour of the fruit trees.

If you are travelling during the harvest seasons, make sure you look out for all the farm gate outlets, where you can taste the produce in their purest form.


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Things to do

  • Discover Harvey's Tank

    The region’s settlement owes its existence to an ancient natural Mallee water soak – now referred to as Harvey’s Tank. Here for centuries Aboriginal people obtained fresh water at this unique watering hole.

  • Discover Farm Gate Sales

    Experience and indulge in fresh fruit in a setting where you can smell the aromas of the paddocks your fare originates from. Make sure you keep an eye out for 'orchard door' sales, especially during the summer period.

  • Discover Woorinen South Township

    This rural township is nestled in the heart of the stone fruit country, just 10 km north west of Swan Hill. While in Woorinen South, make sure your drop into the local café , or make an appointment to visit Syd’s Private Collection.

  • Discover Beverford

    Beverford today is best known for its rich fertile soil and its grape growing, stonefruit and wine industry. For those looking for an ’ale’ or something to eat, be sure to drop into the quaint little tavern, for an authentic country hospitality experience.

  • 27.16km Swan Hill

    Known to most as the Swan Hill Pheasant Farm, the Olson...