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Things to do Nyah & Nyah West

  • Discover The Ring Tree

    A remnant of pre-colonial days, the tree is a rare example of an Aboriginal boundary or river crossing marker. It is believed that this tree marked the direction of a safe river crossing which was used by local tribes and drovers.

  • Discover First Rice crop in Australia

    In 1905 Joe Takasuka began experimenting with different rice varieties, finally succeeding with rice suitable for Australian conditions. This has been recognised as the first rice crop in Australia, with a monument reflecting this achievement.

  • Discover Speewa Ferry

    Cross the Murray River in style on the famous Speewa Ferry or Punt, one of the last remaining ferries in operation along this section of the Murray River. The ferry is a free service and provides a seal road passage to Nyah via Speewa Road.

  • Discover Wire Sculpture Park

    Created by retired farmer Jim Watson, these unique artistic features are a must to see while in Nyah West. Reflecting true iconic Australian features, Jim has been able to transform rustic old wire into living breathing artistic sculptures.

  • 27.16km Swan Hill

    Known to most as the Swan Hill Pheasant Farm, the Olson...

  • 36.76km Piangil

    Andrew Peace Wines is one of Australia's fastest growing...