18 Aug 2018 TO 18 Aug 2018


Dance Hall (bring a plate and leave with so much more).

Finucane and Smith’s Dance Hall is a supper dance like no other, where international stars and local artistes mix it up with dance tunes to die for, the whole audience joining in, and an optional bring-a-plate supper that sees award winning vanilla slices, and award winning Bollywood dancers showcase the bounty of community in a whole new light.

Like the Dance Halls of old that sprung up all over Australia and brought communities together in dance, song laughter and supper, Finucane and Smith’s Dance Hall will bring you a community celebration like no other.

A wild dance salon will swing into town dripping in lanterns, singers, dancers from Bollywood to Bruthen, ballerinas, and showgirls.

Local artists – from poets, to dance enthusiasts, can join in through workshops and guest spots. Dance lessons are rolled out at interval, and everyone is urged to jump up on the dance floor.

Farmers will learn to bust an Ethiopian groove, everyone will be up for the Bollywood extravaganza, and everyone will finish with vanilla slices and conga lines.

Ages 18 and above. Adult themes, nudity, smoke and light effects.

Entry Cost

AdultIncludes complimentary drink on arrival.30.00
GroupTable of eight only ($200 per table). Includes complimentary drink per person on arrival.200.00